Front End Design (FEED)

Very few Engineering companies employ staff with detailed knowledge of on-line analyzers, or their application in the process industry. For this reason, projects often run into trouble during execution.

  • Projeco Services can ensure that the basic design is conducted correctly ensuring thr project has a secure foundation.
  • Projeco Services can perform engineering bid evaluations of process analyzer quotations to ensure suppliers conform to specifications which meet the project requirement.
  • Projeco Services can ensure that detailed engineering design is finalized correctly and ensure that inquiries and specifications are correctly issued.

Projeco Services engineering knowhow and experience can help avoid layers of errors, and contention points regarding what is needed, versus what was specified and all relative to the price paid.

Projeco Services can ensure that project delays and penalties due to design and specification errors are avoided ensuring a smooth and complete project hand over.

Projeco Services, have provided solutions to problems related to each stage of project execution mentioned above, with positive results in terms of both financial issues and in project completion time.

Projeco Services has provided solutions to these problems to end users, construction contractors, analyzer system suppliers and even manufacturers.

Let us work with you on your next project - before the mistakes happen !