Vent Gas Recovery System

Analyzer systems generate high volumes of waste gas, which needs to be released at Atmospheric Pressure in order to maintain measurement quality. The convention is to have all Analyzer Detector Vents and the sample vents connected directly to the Atmosphere- often via a flame arrestor.

Adding to this problem, Fast Loop or Sample System by pass gas flow is directed to a flare system, where pressure may vary significantly affecting system response times – or even causing flow to cease at a critical plant operating mode when analytical data is needed.

With the increasing demand to meet international restrictions and controls for emission of gases, vent gas recovery systems are gaining popularity.

The combined problems of atmospheric emission control and stability of pressure at the analyzer vent create several issues, which becomes a challenge for the System designer, Process Engineer, and Analyzer maintenance team.

As a response to this complex problem, Projeco Services offer a smart, simple, practical and reliable solution. Incorporating state-of-the-art automation components with minimum wiring, interconnection which can meet all of your requirements.

We proudly design and build our vent gas recovery systems in the region.