Flame Photometer Air Purifier (FPAP)

Product description:

Flame Photometers and other detectors requiring air for combustion are used to measure trace levels of sulfur compounds.


Air can be supplied from cylinders – filled with purified air, or directly from a plant instrument air network.


Companies using the latter solution must ensure that the source of combustion air is free from traces of sulfur, as this leads to drift and detector noise, which inherently affects the quality of the analyzer results. 


Catalytic air treaters are available for removal of trace hydrocarbons from instrument air used in flame ionization detectors, but until now, no effective solution has been readily available for the removal of trace sulfurs.


The Flame photometer air purifier (FPAP©) from Projeco Services uses a patented technology for sulfur removal in the form of a replaceable cartridge, which absorbs and traps sulfur molecules.


-       The filling material is non-toxic before and after use.

-       Life cycle of a cartridge installed on a single flame photometric detector is typically 6 months.