Training Center


Pioneer Project Contracting Company, have developed a purpose built training center in Saudi Arabia, for on-line analytical instrumentation. 

This center is equipped with working Analyzers, Industrial Communication Networks and everything required to facilitate and conduct On-Line Analyzer Training successfully and safely.

Our Training Center is conveniently located just 20 minutes from King Fahad International airport, and is approximately halfway between Al Jubail Industrial City and Dammam. 

The Training Center can easily accommodate up to 30 students in two classrooms, plus, there is a fully equipped laboratory for liquid analyzers and water analysis experiments.

HSE in the center has been based upon “Best Practice” safety considerations with room air monitors and alarms, fire alarms and call points, safe gas storage and handling facilities, safety signage and a safety plan in force. Safety equipment such as fire blankets, first aid stations, eye wash stations and fire extinguishers are located throughout the center.

 Integrated Analytical Training Program

The objective of our training program is to provide new graduates, technicians and engineers with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need, in order to become competent with on-line analyzers and accessories. Our learning process is based upon proven methods, which incorporate personal and environmental health and safety awareness at their core.

Given the importance of on-line analyzers in the operation of your process, and the need for quality and dependable on-line analytical information, then first class equipment installed in your plant also needs a well-trained and competent work-force to operate and maintain it.

To ensure the right solution is provided for your analytical training needs, you no longer need to deal with multiple vendors. We offer one single point of contact for training co-ordination and planning, and a single location for your training delegates to gain knowledge.

We will arrange and facilitate specialized analytical instrument training for all of the diverse equipment within your facility.

By choosing a well-coordinated training program from us, added value is created by streamlining and optimizing the learning process, thus avoiding duplication of the subject material.

People – Your most Valuable Asset:

It is crucial to the development of your technical staff, and the success of your enterprise to have them involved during the execution of your project. From functional design review, Factory Acceptance Testing, pre-commissioning, Site Acceptance Testing and finally the commissioning phase.

Allowing us to plan training courses to fit your project program will give your staff the tools they need to achieve these objectives.

Project Lifecycle Management:

As your company grows and matures, technology will progress. On-line analytical instrumentation is a rapidly evolving field, and your engineering and maintenance teams must have awareness of current trends and practices to be sure they are equipped to effectively meet the challenges of modernization, upgrades and replacements.

To ensure your team is equipped to meet this challenge, we can perform assessments of their knowledge, and provide recommendations and solutions for their training needs, ensuring that your on-line analytical measurements remain reliable and cost effective.  

Training Methodology

Our learning process is based upon proven methods, which incorporate Personal and Environmental Health and Safety awareness and practices at their core.

All of our training courses are offered in the English Language, hence, a good knowledge of English, along with a technical background in Instrumentation, Chemical Engineering or Process Operation are essential pre-requisites.

Our foundation courses are run mostly in the classroom, and involve group demonstrations, whereas the specific product courses are structured with around 30-50% of the time involved in Hands-On practical work.

For new groups of trainees, or longer term learning programs we highly recommend that a structured teambuilding and learning process course is taken prior to technical training. This applies especially for students who may not be familiar with industrial training methods. This creates inter student support during the course by generating a commitment between classmates to assist each other throughout the learning experience, and to help ensure consistency of knowledge gained by all of the students involved in the program. This course is available in conjunction with Knowledgeworkx©

Please note that while Safety is an integrated part of our training course, we do not offer or include training in site or plant specific safety processes and practices as a part of our standard training program.


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